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Classified Cargo services are the best to transport heavy and bulky items

Cargo services are very much in demand especially by companies and organizations.   There are businesses that have branches around the world and these companies use cargo services to the maximum.   This service helps the business to send and receive a variety of items related to the business.   International cargo services in Bangalore help both companies as well as individuals in send heavy items.   This service can be used by layman when they are relocating to...

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Classified Courier is the best option to send items around the world

Online shopping has changed the way people think about getting items from around the world.   This shopping has made it possible for people to get their favorite product with ease from any part of the world.   This has become possible because of the international courier to USA.   This service makes it possible for people to enjoy their favorite item sitting at home; this gets delivered on time, is packed in the best way and comes to the door step without any damage. ...

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Classified Travel in the best possible way only with express air logistics travel

Stop worrying about those extra baggage and excess bags to be carried while traveling.   It is definitely messy for travelers to travel carrying that extra luggage which cannot be left behind.   Now, one can use excess baggage services with express air logistics, these services are very affordable as the excess baggage charges are extremely reasonable when compared to airline charges that they charge for excess baggage.   This service has made it easy for travelers to...

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Classified Now food items can be had sitting at home and order from any part of t

Do you want to taste variety sitting at your home?  Is there any favorite dish which you would want to taste and enjoy with family?  Are you searching for an overseas food item delivery service which will cater to your demands of getting that one particular dish to your door step?  International courier for food items, is the service that you should opt for, we at express air logistics understand the importance of tasting different food items.  This is...

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Classified Unaccompanied baggage is best option for travelers

It has become easy for travelers to go around the world and take connecting flights to reach the destination.  Because of unaccompanied baggage and international courier services which are offered by express air logistics.  A few decades back one could not think of traveling with so much ease and less pressure.  Now all of this has become possible because of unaccompanied baggage service.  Courier services have taken the world by storm, both companies and individuals...

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Classified Now choose quantity and quality - at the same time

Break the taboo of having to choose among quality or quantity with the multiple services offered by Express Air Logistics for you to choose from and tailored just for you.   It is one of the rare courier companies that provide high quality services and numerous packages for its clients that include - International food courier services , International excess / Unaccompanied Baggage services, import specialization, relocations and packing and moving, University...

Classified Feel as light as a bird with no heavy weight

Airlines and all means of transportation now impose extremely strict rules on the excess baggage carried with an Individual. You could get fined in hefty amounts if you carry baggage which exceeds the limit - almost doubling the rate of the ticket you originally bought to travel. Cut out all these hassles with International Courier for Excess Baggage with Express Air Logistics. The ones taking a leisure or a corporate trip may not stress about the burden of excess Baggage...

Classified Satisfy your taste buds from any corner of the world

Ever think about eating a special dish of your liking, but being too far away to do so? Or wishing you could have just one taste of grandma's pickle? Now, one may not need to suppress their desire anymore. Feel closer to home with your favorite food parcelled to and from with International Courier Services for Food Items . Express Air makes the distant hope come to life by door to door delivery and precise timing. Satisfy your food cravings at any time you like. Now, your...

Classified The most trustable and affordable courier services in UK

It is extremely hard to find a cargo specialist with professional services. Most of them are either unreliable, not affordable, do not have your parcel reaching timely, sometimes the parcel never reaches at all! Bangalore is one of our prime locations where we collect and drop your parcel to your favored location with our tie of over a 100 professional brands. All your valuable items are certain to reach as fast as possible to the required destination. With the best prices and packages,...

Classified Travel stress free with no excess weight of baggage

Everyone loves to travel but we all wish we could never carry anything as a burden with us wherever we go. The heavy weighted luggage just does not seem to appeal to us. How do we get rid of this situation? In earlier times this was impossible but now, services like Unaccompanied Baggage by Express Air Logistics have been developed, making it much easier for the everyday man to travel stress-free, without the worries of luggage. Sometimes a few things are unavoidable and no matter how...

Classified Experience reliability and speed with Express Air Logistics

Worried about having a reliable courier service? What about the time was taken? Assurity of the parcel reaching safely and timely? In the hustle and bustle of today's century, we want our courier service to be fast, cheap and reliable. Express Air Logistics is one of the very few Ace International Courier Services in Bangalore - providing all these qualities seamlessly and by default. Express Air strives for excellence with affordable service packages just for you, trustable...